Attack on M.F. Husain’s works in Ahmedabad


In brazen violation of the rule of law, the Sangh Parivar has once again mounted an attack on the noted painter M.F. Husain’s works in Ahmedabad. On December 27, a group of hooligans belonging to the VHP and the Bajrang Dal attacked the multiplex which was to screen Husain’s Gajagamini and defaced some of his works, forcing indefinite postponement of the premiere of the film. The spokesmen of the Parivar are reported to have said that the Parivar had decided more than two years ago not to allow the conduct of Husain’s programmes in Ahmedabad or any other part of the state.


We strongly condemn the Parivar’s fascist attack on the freedom of expression, as well as the BJP government of Gujarat which is allowing the Parivar goons to violate all democratic norms with impunity. We call upon artists, scholars and citizens of Ahmedabad to resist and rebuff all such attempts.