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1 January 2004
Safdar Memorial
Mandi House, New Delhi
The Making of India

6 January 2004
Press Statement on Bhandarakar Institute

6 to 12 January 2004
Rabindra Bhawan, N. Delhi
The Making of India Exhibition

14 to 22January 2004
Vadehra Gallery, N. Delhi
The Making of India

24 Jan to 10 Feb 2004
School Of Art and Aesthetic, JNU, New Delhi
The Making of India Exhibition

31 January 2004
Press Conference  on Surat Art Exhibition Destruction

9 February 2004
Joint statement on Madhya Pradesh Suspension of
2 Officers

21 February 2004
Meeting for attacks on Culture in Constitution Club with janvadi Lekhak Sangh Barbarians at the Gate

24 March 2004
Memorandum to Chief Election Commissioner
10 to 12 April 2004
Safdar Hashmi’s
50th Birthday Celebration
Republic of Hunger
Utsa Patnaik and Street Theatre by Habib Tanveer JANAM

14 April 2004
Statement to condemn Vadodra attack on Youth Karvan Group
17 April 2004
A statement in support of Husain’s film Meenaxi being stopped to screened
10 May 2004
A Statement on BJP advertisement on
10th May 1857 (misinformation about Mangal Pandey)

13 May 2004
A press statement with communalism Combat
on Election Result

20 May 2004
A Statement,Press Conference on education in Constitution Club    addressed by Prabhat Patnaik, M.K.Raina,Arjun Dev, D.N.Jha



11 June 2004
A Convention on Textbooks addressed by
Irfan Habib,D.N.Jha
Prof. Prabhat Patnaik,
Prof. Suraj Bhan,
Bipan Chandra
in Constitution Club
New Delhi

14 June 2004
A Letter to Jaipal Reddy on
Sangeet Academi

5 July 2004
Convention on Economics
Social Scientist and

15 July 2004
Statement on NCERT

17 July 2004
A film by Sashi Kumar
at Siri Fort Auditorium

26 August 2004
Idgaah controversy
Girish Karnad

   28 August 2004
A statement in support
of journalist Nikhil Wagle

6 September 2004
A Press Conference on
NCERT addressed by
Prof Irfan Habib

21 September 2004
A letter to
Montek Singh Ahluwalia,
Planning Commission
for the employees
of the World Bank in
Planning Commission

19 October 2004
SAHMAT convention  to deliberate the issues arising from the issue arising from the proposed draft for the Employment Guarantee Act

4 November 2004 Statement in solidarity with Teesta When Zahira changed her statement

13 November 2004
Solidarity with Teesta Setalvad Symposium on Justice in Gujarat
Shanti Bhushan,
Sita Ram Yechuri,
Viswajit Prithvi jit Singh, Teesta

20 November 2004
Signature Campaign to press for the enactment of a Rural National Employment Guarantee Act. 

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