Janotsav: a month-long interactive programme of workshops and performances in Mangolpuri, a slum resettlement colony in Delhi
Workshop coordinators: Music (kajal Ghosh, Madangopal Singh), Photography (Parthiv Shah), Fine Art (Paul Pratibha Dakoji), Theatre (Habib Tanvir, Ashish Ghosh), Street Theatre (Rati Bartholomew, Janam), Environmental Projects (Romi Khosla, NISTADS), Visul Arts (Vivan Sundaram, Shamshad) Literature and Poetry (M.M.P. Singh, Gauhar Raza), Dance (Bharat Sharma, Madhavi Mudgal), Video/TV (Sashi Kumar, CENDIT), Puppetry and Creative Writing (Dadi Pudumjee, Randhir Khare), Newsletter (Anil Chandra, IIMC).
A series of community-based cultural workshop, Janotsav, conducted at Mangolpuri in Delhi. Around a hundred artists worked with children, youth and adults in the community for over a month. Several of them also did their own work in the environs of the slum colony. The Janotsav, while exposing the  community to a variety of urban art forms and practices, encouraged demystification of the processes of art creation which often distance common people from them. Apart from imparting skills to those who participating in the workshops, Janotsav also provided an opportunity for artists to interact among themselves and with the community in a relatively sustained manner.